The innovator in
long range tags.

ENGS pioneered this category of products back in 2006.

Today we have a family of three tags: from the compact MiniTag™, through the ubiquitous Track a))) Cow™ leg tag and up to our neck tag with rumination and LED TAGS™ technology.

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Three options

We know each farm is different, so we developed three different tags:

Neck Tag

Our latest and extremely capable tag. With heat detection, rumination, mobility, health and welfare monitoring, feed behaviour and our unique LED TAGS™ visual location technology.

Track a))) Cow
Leg tag

Our leg tag technology has been evolving and reinventing for 15 years. It's all about efficiency, the data you need and the reliability you want.
Including I FEEL temperature sensing for accurate heat stress monitoring.


Our smallest and most versatile tag. Works with many animals, from goats through sheep, heifers and up to adult cows.

We lead in mobile
apps, too

You access your bank from your mobile, so why not your farm? ENGS developed the industry's best applications to make your data accessible at the palm of your hand.


Want to find an animal or a group? Our LED tags™ let you locate an animal in seconds. One tap in your mobile device and the bright LED will show, making finding the animal a breeze. It's innovation you can actually see.

Monitor a range of clinical conditions

Any range,
any environment

Our innovative radio architecture enables reception at practically unlimited range. 1km? 5km 10km? We can do it!


All our tags support various animal identification methods. In-post, sorting gate, LED TAGS™ visual identification, watch ID and others.


Featuring Behavior Pattern Analysis for nutrition management, our systems increase efficiency by ensuring proper rumen function and early detection of health and welfare issues.


Get the benefits of early and accurate lameness detection with an innovative 3 point scale. Our systems present a daily, automatic, simple to understand cow/herd mobility index and integrate with management software for efficient hoof care.

Our complete hoof health care program includes a trimming schedule, behavior exceptions, hoof care history, current treatments and follow up.

With our proactive approach to ensure cow wellbeing and productivity, you will decrease overall herd lameness prevalence, prevent milk production loss, eliminate treatment costs and stop involuntary culling due to lameness.

Feed Behavior

Feed and rumination analysis with a diurnal rhythmicity provides herd rumen health and real-time rumination percentage. Transitional cow health monitoring results in an exceptionally effective decision making tool that is easy to understand and act upon.

Ecoherd Plus

Ecoherd Plus is our animal health analysis software studio. It offers deep insights into animal behavior, health issues and productivity chokepoints.


With more than 30 different data exchange interfaces, ENGS is one of the most interconnected systems in the market. Contact us to see if your system is supported (it probably is!)

Free Ecoherd License

Ecoherd is an industry-leading data analysis suite for your PC.