ENGS Systems

Turnkey Projects

As technology progresses and dairies are increasing in size, the demand for efficient service and quality production is more prevalent than ever before.
While the construction of dairies can be a complex process, specifically designed technology can prove a crucial factor in dramatically enhancing the dairy’s overall efficiency and as a result, in determining the dairy’s overall profitability. 
By collaborating with leading experts and companies specializing in planning, design and construction, ENGS is able to offer its state of the art technologically advanced turnkey solutions to suit every aspect of your dairy farming project needs:
  • Farm layout planning and design
  • Milking parlor design
  • Construction and Infrastructure
ENGS applies its wealth of knowledge and experience in the dairy industry, its close familiarity with all forms of dairies and their operation, together with its innovative and technological methodology and solutions to assist its clients and offer a variety of to maximize their effectiveness and optimize their operating infrastructure:
  • Feasibility studies and pre-planning financial modeling
  • Heat Detection systems and ID solutions
  • Milking Management systems integration
  • Automation solution integration
  • Staff training and farm routines improvement consulting
Turnkey Projects
State of the art solutions
To suit every aspect of your dairy farming project needs.