ENGS Systems

EcoHerd Software

The EcoFlow advanced features integrate with our EcoHerd software to produce advanced monitoring and management abilities.
By integrating all the system’s components, EcoHerd can automatically and accurately collect, analyze, monitor and manage the general herd’s and the individual cow’s status and generate reports to assist daily decision making and offer ongoing dairy management support.
  • High resolution, continuous monitoring of production
  • Risk reduction (e.g. prevents mistakes: antibiotic milk withdrawal)
  • Advanced and early detection of illness
  • Linked to different animal identification (from manual to fully automatic ID), per stall and at the entry of the parlor
  • Information can be accessed on a daily basis, in the parlor and on the PC

10 days milking yield information emphasizing high conductivity and low milk yield indicating health problem
Milking Management
Collect, analyze and manage valuable cost effective information.
Quality Management = Profitable Milking